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  • Sunlight: 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight
  • Watering: Medium
  • Soil:  Rich, humusy, and well-drained soil.
  • Temperature:  Trees cannot tolerate low temperatures or drafts.
  • Fertilizer:  once a month in the spring and summer and once every two months in the fall and winter.
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The Chinese Pepper, which is also called Sichuan Pepper, grows in many parts of Asia and is especially common in the Himalayas, Japan, and Korea.

From the fruits of the Chinese Pepper, a hot spice can be made, although it is not related to the real black pepper. It is a dioecious plant with male and female specimens.

The small leaves are paripinnate, dark green, and glossy. Trunk and branches have thorns which can make wiring a painful experience. The small flowers appear in terminal florescences and have a greenish-yellow color, while the mature fruits are reddish and look like peppercorns.

Plant Specifications

  • Common Name: Korean pepper
  • Maximum Reachable Height: up to 6 feet
  • Difficulty Level easy to medium

The above specifications are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%


  • In a warm climate, the Chinese Pepper can be kept outside all year-round.
  • In a temperate climate, it can be placed in a wind-sheltered sunny position or in semi-shade


  • The soil should be well-drained and fertile for growing plants.


  • Water the plant when the topsoil (1-2 inches) in the pot feels dry to touch.
  • Do not overwater the plant.
  • Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in the winter and rainy seasons.

Application of Fertilizer

  • During the main growing season (April – August) feed the plant with organic fertilizer once a month.
  • Loosen the topsoil without disturbing the roots of the plant so it can uptake nutrients and moisture easily.


  • When a plant outgrows in current pot, re-pot with fresh potting soil and some fertilizer.
  • Repot every second year in spring with root-pruning, older trees every third year.

Plant Protection

  • Remove dead, infected, or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants.
  • For any insect attack or disease, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil or Citrus oil spray for primary treatment.


  • keep away from the AC Vents.
  • Do not overwater the plant especially when the pot does not have drainage holes.
  • Chinese pepper Bonsai care:

Chinese Pepper Uses

  • The plant is used for ornamental purposes.
  • It is generally kept as indoor bonsai in the living room and in the terrace area.
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